Wyn’s Dusty Daydream

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We love everything about this formal decorative. It’s one drawback is it is a very poor tuber maker.  The 6-8″ blooms are dusty lavender, almost leaning towards pink. The unique color on this dahlia stops one in their tracks. An extremely hard to find beautiful dahlia. Gorgeous with very dark dahlias! Growth height is 4-5′. 

Please note due to it’s low tuber production from year to year, we will not be releasing this dahlia for any future tuber sales, nor will we be offering cuttings for this dahlia, or offer as a tuber trade. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

For those asking then why show this dahlia if we have no plans to release the tubers. We have customers who purchase flowers directly from our catalogue, we need to show all the dahlias we grow for flower purchases as well as tubers.

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