Frequently Asked Questions


What are your hours of operation?  The farm is only open on specific days and times based on the plant/bloom season.  All other times we are open by appointment only.

Do you host an annual open garden? We no longer have an open garden.


There are a number of WD dahlias on the web site. What does WD stand for?  WD in the name of a dahlia, means that it is one of our hybrids.

Do you take dahlia tuber pre-orders from season to season?  No we do not take pre-orders of dahlia tubers.

Do you allow customers to order earlier than the set sale date?  No, we get many requests, but sales begin at the set date for ALL customers.

When do you start selling dahlia tubers?  Online tuber sales began in March of each season.  The date will be set close to the sale time.

If I place more than one order will you combine shipping?  We will no longer offer this option.

Can I pickup my order early?  The orders will not be ready before the pick up dates. 

When and how do you start shipping dahlias?  Shipping of dahlia tubers is usually the end of  April, weather dependent via Canada Post. Full payment is required of all orders prior to shipping or pickup.

Where do you ship? Within Canada only.  Please note we upcycle for shipping boxes.

Will I receive all I ordered? Tubers that are shown on the website are what we have available that season, however it is possible when it comes to processing the order that we may encounter a situation where the tubers ordered are not available. In that case you will be notified of the shortage and your purchase will be refunded, we will not substitute unless we are expressly asked to do so by the customer.

What are the shipping costs?  Shipping rates are calculated on the average of the costs from our previous shipping season plus any increase that Canada Post has put in place for the shipping year.   

0 to $50.00 – $15.00

$50.01 – $90.00 – $22.00

$90.01 – $130.00 – $26.00

$130.01 – $175.00 – $34.00

$175.01 and over – $41.00

Why does shipping show up when I place dahlia tubers in my cart?  Dahlia tubers when placed into a cart will default to a shipping option.  To change this, click on the pick up item option, found under each of the dahlia tubers you’ve put into your cart. This can be found on the bottom of your checkout page.

What if I want to have my dahlia tubers shipped but also want to pick up an item? Reminder-We only ship dahlia tubers. We recommend to place two orders, one for your dahlia tuber selections which you can set to a shipping option. Your second order would be for your roses or peonies selections. Our system will automatically set those items for pickup. 

Can I pickup my order?  Yes on the dates set by us at the Warwick Flower Farm 1672 Constitution Rd., Black Creek. 

What is your dahlia tuber guarantee?  We do our best to provide high quality true to type dahlia tubers.  Each dahlia tuber will have at least one viable eye and is suitable for planting.  Once you receive your dahlia tubers we can not and do not guarantee them any further.  It is your responsibility to give them the care they deserve to grow and thrive.

What type of payment do you offer? There are various options for payment, follow the prompts when you reach the checkout page.  Please note, we do not keep any of our customers personal information on our web site. Click here for our privacy page.

How do online sales work?  It is possible to have items in your cart and once you proceed to payment that you may get a notice that an item is not available, this is because items placed in the cart are not reserved until payment is actually received. 

Why aren’t all the dahlias showing up when you click a certain category, for eg. White, it shows 15 different white dahlias, but only 9 show up?  Once a dahlia has sold out it no longer shows up on the page, however the system remembers that we had 15 white dahlias for sale, but it will only show 9 of the dahlias that are still available to purchase. 

Why does the inventory of dahlias change? Sometimes customers cancel orders and those dahlia then go back into circulation for sales. We also sell dahlia tubers off site, so inventory will reflect changes that occur because of that.


Do you ship potted peonies or potted roses?  No potted items are available for local pickup only.

What is your peony or rose guarantee?  We guarantee that the potted rose or peony will be true to name.

Rose selections are updated once we have received our order.


What flowers can I purchase from your web page?   We offer fresh cut flowers from early spring to late fall.  Be sure to browse the seasonal floral category to see what fresh flowers are available.

Where do you sell your fresh flowers?  Discovery Foods in Willow Point.  Edible Island, on 6th St., Courtenay and at the Comox Valley Farmer’s Market Saturdays, Headquarters Rd., 9-1, Healthy Natural Foods, 121 Cedar St., Campbell River, Old Farm Market 6th St., Courtenay. We also have a Flower Stand at 1432 Lupin Dr., Comox.  Fresh flowers may also be purchased via the farm, contact us if you’d like to place an order. Our fresh blooms can be found in the beautiful floral arrangements from the 5th St. Florist in Courtenay.

Do you offer floral wedding packages? Do you have experience with wedding bouquets/arrangements?  We can provide florals for weddings, and other events.  Various options are available.  Please contact us for current prices.

Do you delivery fresh flowers?  Yes we offer delivery within the Comox Valley and Campbell River. We ask for at least 2-3 days’ notice. Contact us for further details.

Do you offer Wholesale?  Yes, for fresh flowers only.  Please contact us for details.


Do you have a Christmas Season?  Yes we offer locally grown Christmas season products such as wreaths, swags, gnomes, and fresh floral arrangements of various sizes.


Do you sell any other products that are not on your webpage?     Yes, it is possible that we may have various potted perennials for sale in the spring at the farm or the Farmer’s Market.  Our dried flower options include floral arrangements and wreaths which are available in the fall and spring.

                                                   We work very hard to ensure that we are providing quality service and products

                                        Thank you for supporting our small business